The Illinois Secretary of State still owes landlords and utilities millions of dollars, despite getting an influx of cash from a piecemeal budget deal. Governor Bruce Rauner and the General Assembly agreed to a measure last month that freed up $10 million for the Secretary of State’s office, along with money for local government and the Illinois Lottery. However, Dave Druker, press secretary for Secretary of State Jesse White, says the office -- which manages drivers’ facilities across the state -- still owes upwards to $4 million to landlords and utility companies.


“The people with the leases have been extremely patient, and the utilities,” Druker says, “I don't’ think there’s been a loss. We haven’t had any places go down, haven’t been evicted anywhere, so we’re trying to maintain the facilities the best we can.”   

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Meanwhile Druker says they’re in negotiations to bring back the Garda armored truck firm the secretary of state used to transport money back and forth from drivers’ facilities and banks. Secretary of State Police are performing those tasks, something Druker says is not likely to save taxpayers money because it takes the police from other jobs and may create some overtime costs.

Druker says the office is holding on to about $4 million as reserves because of the uncertainty of the ongoing budget impasse.


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