As Memorial Day approaches, the cops will be on the roads looking for traffic violations.  They’re especially looking for drivers and passengers who aren’t wearing seat belts in the Click it or Ticket campaign, and even though daytime seat belt use in Illinois is 94 percent, it falls into the 60s at night, says State Police Lt. David Byrd.  “It’s that 12 a.m. (midnight) to 4 a.m. time period where we don’t have the compliance."
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"We have higher speeds, we have drivers that are impaired, so when they’re impaired they’re not seat belted, and that’s why we’re seeing those late night fatalities, because they’re not wearing their seat belt when they should,” he said.  The Illinois Department of Transportation estimates that since 1985, seat belt use has saved 9,000 lives. State police and 500 local departments are involved in saturation patrols through Memorial Day. While the patrols are ostensibly for seat belt compliance, police also will be looking for other violations, such as speeding, DUI and drivers playing with their phones.
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