When the Jersey Community School District went through a realignment recently, several schools were vacated. At least one will be used again by the district. Delhi Elementary will soon be used as a school to serve students with extensive discipline problems, individualized learning programs known as IEP's, or other special needs children. It will save the district money over busing those students to the Alton Catholic Children's Home.

The special needs services will be under the umbrella of the Region III Special Education Cooperative. Region III has already come up with a new name for the facility - "The Journey." Students with behavior problems that don't have IEP's will be taught in the "safe school" portion of the building. With the district having its own facility, it may also be able to offset costs by offering its services to other nearby districts, such as Southwestern and Calhoun. As for the other buildings, the Dow Southern Baptist Church is talking to the district to rent Dow Elementary, and the Fieldon Elementary is being pursued by four possible suitors - the Village of Fieldon, the Fieldon Fire Protection District, the First Baptist Church of Fieldon, and private citizen Terry Blasa, who would like to turn the school into an apartment building.

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