Several hundred supporters of a school mascot turned out last night for a school board meeting in Freeburg, and the board unanimously decided to stick with tradition and keep the Midget mascot for the high school.  An advocacy group had called on the district to change the name because some find the word “midget” offensive, but the board declined the request.

A majority of those who attended the meeting were in support of keeping the name and dressed in the school colors of blue and white and wore shirts with the name and likeness of the mascot.  The group Little People of America recently called on the district to change the mascot name, even delivering a petition to the school district when the group held its annual convention in St. Louis last week.  The group says the word is hurtful and offensive to those with dwarfism, and asked the board to consider a new name.  District officials have stated the name is not intended to be offensive, but is a long standing source of pride in the school and the community. 


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