With a list of 14 reasons to elect him, and little of a fund-raising apparatus, Republican Paul Schimpf is hoping to get his attorney general campaign into the news every week or two, one reason at a time.  Schimpf, who has already said he is not a partisan politician, unveiled another reason at a Capitol news conference Tuesday: he will do better than incumbent Lisa Madigan at enforcing the state Constitution.
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“We’re not going to find a better example of her conflict of interest than this,” said Schimpf, who says the Supreme Court’s rejection of a law forcing retirees to pay health premiums proves his point. “Lisa Madigan’s loyalty to her father’s legislative agenda has precluded her from objectively assessing the constitutionality of the pensions legislation. We’re all looking for bright-line differences in our candidates, and this is one.”
Madigan's father is Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan (D-Chicago), who had predicted a pension restructuring law would be found constitutional by a majority of Illinois Supreme Court justices. While the justices have only acted upon the health care point, Schimpf agrees with those who believe that’s a precursor to its opinion of the pension fix.
That law rests on a finding that the pension problem is an emergency and pre-empts the Constitution. But he says that’s really a creation of lawmakers and governors, and he names Speaker Madigan and ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich.
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