Illinois’ seven scenic byways will be calling attention to themselves for a week. This is the second annual Illinois Byway Week. Anaise Berry, director of the Illinois River Road Byway, says the term “scenic” tells only part of the story. “They’re not designated just because of the beautiful scenery folks see when they drive, but they’re designated because they have natural intrinsic qualities to them – a lot of history, archaeology, culture, recreation, and yes, some scenery too,” she said.
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They byways have been designated over time since the National Scenic Byway program began in 1995. The byways are on state and local roads.
The byways:
n  The Great River Road, along the Mississippi River from East Dubuque to Cairo
n  The Historic National Road, mostly U.S. 40 from Marshall to East St. Louis
n  Historic Route 66, from Chicago to East St. Louis
n  Lincoln Highway, roughly U.S. 30 from Ford Heights to Fulton
n  The Illinois River Road, along the Illinois River from Ottawa to Havana
n  The Meeting of the Great Rivers, from Fieldon to Granite City
n  The Ohio River Scenic Byway, from the Wabash River to Cairo
Many of the towns along the byways are having festivals or special events, and Berry says driving the byways is a good way to see the fall colors.