Scammers are expected to use the recent riots in Ferguson, Missouri as a way of tricking people out of their money.  Some may have already begun.  These crooks pay close attention to natural disasters and current events, and experts at the Better Business Bureau want you to be generous if you are so inclined, but keep your guard up for those who are looking at this tragedy and others as a way to make a buck. 

The Better Business Bureau’s Bill Smith says crooks and scammers follow every disaster or tragedy.  He says even if you donate to a legitimate one, most crowd-funded efforts to raise money for charities are not tax deductible.

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He says you should be cautious when giving online to unfamiliar charities. Be wary of spam messages and emails that claim to link to a relief organization. And if you decide to give, ask if you are speaking to someone from the charity or to a professional fundraiser.  Professional fundraisers will often keep a significant percentage of every dollar they raise.


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