Immigration reform will bring out scammers, according to the Illinois attorney general’s office. nThe scammers materialize anytime there’s a government program to apply for, and the deportation relief the president announced this week will be no different, the attorney general warns. Notarios, who are not lawyers, may purport to be able to offer assistance in navigating an arcane process, but you’ll end up paying large, up-front fees and getting little in the way of results, says Natalie Bauer of the attorney general’s office.

“We really want to encourage people going straight to the source, so that’s the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Services (, and that is legitimate, accredited organizations that provide immigration services. People can find that information through the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (,” she said.


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What the application process will be for deportation relief hasn’t been determined.

Immigration service providers who aren’t lawyers must register with that office, and abide by rules under Illinois law:

  • They must provide consumers with a written contract in English and their native language
  • They must provide consumers with a three-day right to cancel the contract
  • They must return all documents to the consumer upon the demand.

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