The early days of the Save The Y Campaign haven't yielded the desired results, and now the Alton YWCA is again reaching out the community for help. Tough economic times coupled with limited grant opportunities has pushed the organization to the brink of closing. Officials say they must raise a minimum of $80-thousand to meet operational expenses and maintain their off site programs through 2013. If that money is not raised they may have to cease all programs and close the facility.

The Alton Bell Community Credit Union is attempting to answer the YWCA's plea for help The ABCCU will match all donations of up to $1,000 from members and friends in the community. John Norman, the president and CEO of the ABCCU says they are ecouraging other businesses in the area to do the same.

Norman Comments

Norman says the YWCA has done a lot for women and children in the area and that the organization is an important part of the community. The ABCCU will also accept donations from non-members. Those who donate will have the option to donate directly to the the YWCA online or to put money into an account that will be submitted on behalf of the credit union. For more information or to donate online you can follow the link below.  Tune in today at 10am on Let's Talk for more on the Save the Y campaign.

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