A contingent of parents whose children were killed last December at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut is continuing its Illinois tour. They testified Monday to a Senate committee which passed a ban on high-capacity magazines, one of which helped the Connecticut shooter wage his destruction.
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Nicole Hockley, whose son was one of the children killed, said, “When meeting us for the first time, many people say there are no words. And that’s true. But there are actions and the Senate must pass (the bill) and limit high capacity magazines in Illinois. This is a common sense solution and does not infringe on anyone's Constitutional rights,” Hockley said.
Jay Keller, a spokesman for the Illinois Firearms Manufacturers’ Association, says the bill is “feel good” legislation. “If we as a nation, as a state, truly want to address the tragedy and endless murders that occur far too often, then bring all of the interested parties to the table. And allow for a full conversation that addresses every aspect of this issue,” Keller said.
In response to the opposition State Sen. Matt Murphy said “I think there is a chance that this bill could save lives. And I think worth taking that chance.”

SB 1002 passed the Senate Executive Committee.

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