Supporters of the same-sex marriage bill believe there are enough votes in the Illinois House for it to pass during the upcoming veto session. After passing the Senate earlier this year, the bill was not called to a vote in the House for fear that it didn’t have enough votes.  Bernard Cherkasov, chief executive of Equality Illinois, believes more lawmakers will support it after the events of the past few months.
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“So much has changed since May 31,” Cherkasov said. “Especially with the Supreme Court striking down DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act), the federal government providing all those protections and rights that come with federal marriage recognition, but all of those rights are unavailable to Illinois couples who cannot get married in our own state.”  The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Greg Harris (D-Chicago), has not committed to calling the bill for a vote during the session.  If it’s passed, the bill won’t go into effect immediately without a supermajority of votes in the House or being passed a second time by the Senate. If it receives 60 House votes, it will go into effect in June 2014. 
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