With the president coming out in favor of same-sex marriages, what does it mean for his campaign?   Same-sex marriages are sure to be a talking point leading up to the November elections. U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) says there’s no telling what the president’s position on the issue means for votes. “I can’t tell what the impact is going to be…but certainly the majority of Americans agree with him,” Durbin said. “They think there should be marriage equality.”


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Asked if Illinois should go one step further from civil unions and make same-sex marriages legal, Durbin says yes. “I think those who love one another and are willing to make that commitment should have that opportunity,” Durbin said.   The governor, who was a driving force in passing the civil union law, now stands with the president on supporting same-sex marriage. So far 3,700 couples in Illinois have taken advantage of the civil union law. A spokeswoman for the governor says the governor looks forward to working on the issue in the future with the General Assembly.


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