The county clerks of Illinois should not have to go against their own religious beliefs when it is time to issue a marriage license, says the sponsor of a proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in the state.  “There (have) been two lawsuits filed in Cook County challenging the constitutionality of the Illinois Marriage Act, (which) passed in 1996,” says State Rep. David Reis (R-Sainte Marie).
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“And what’s most troubling is our attorney general, who is sworn to uphold the state Constitution, has chosen not to do that.”  Reis says you should not throw away 2,000 years of principles in the name of people just “getting along,” adding that if that makes him seem intolerant, “I guess I’ll carry that banner.” He says of the states allowing same-sex marriage, only one – New York – did so via legislative action and not via what he calls an “activist court.”  Reis hopes his proposal can be discussed when the House meets again Aug. 17 and can get on the state ballot in 2014.
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