The only Illinois Senate Republican who voted in favor of the same-sex marriage bill, which passed Thursday, was Jason Barickman (R-Bloomington).   “I was directly involved in the amendment that preserves religious freedom,” Barickman says. “Those religious freedoms, I think, are important to a lot of people throughout the state. And when I was successful in getting language in the bill that preserves those freedoms, then it was simply the right thing to do, to vote for it.”
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Under the bill, churches which decline to perform ceremonies would be protected from lawsuits.  After the bill passed, State Rep. Greg Harris (D-Chicago), the House sponsor, said he is optimistic.  “This bill will pass in the House just as it passed in the Senate,” said Harris. “You can see that there are very strong feelings on both sides, but I think that the people of Illinois expect us to act fairly, to treat people equally under the law, to be respectful of all religious faiths - those who wish to consecrate same-sex marriages and those who don’t. And those are the values the House will vote on.”
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