Do Gov. Pat Quinn and Bruce Rauner share the same stances on social issues?  Rauner’s wife says yes.  Speaking to a coalition of women supporting her husband’s campaign, Diana Rauner said Gov. Pat Quinn has tried to take the focus off jobs and the economy.  “Now, people are going to try to make this race, they’ve seen it, they’ve tried to make it about class warfare, they’ve tried to make it about gender warfare.  We know there is one issue in this election, and that is change,” Diana Rauner said.  
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“It’s not about social issues.  We know there are no differences, and they don’t have to be contested in this election.”  Diana Rauner brought up Bruce Rauner’s stance on abortion as one example.  Bruce Rauner has said he’s pro-choice, but during the Republican primary said he’d favor changes to the law making abortions “more rare and safe.”  Rauner has also said he supports the state law that requires doctors notify parents of girl younger than 17 who seek an abortion, a statute Quinn says he wants to repeal.  Rauner and Quinn also differ on same-sex marriage.  While Quinn signed the law passed by the General Assembly last year, Rauner has said the issue should have been decided by voters through a referendum.
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