Salaries for state workers are less than those in the private sector, according to a new study. The study comes from the anti-tax, anti-union group Americans for Prosperity. It finds that state workers in Illinois are paid 7.2 percent less than those in the private sector with comparable jobs and experience. But, says Illinois director David From, the state workers get 1.8 times what private workers get in benefits – mostly in health care and retirement benefits – something he expects the governor to do something about. “He has said, and we very much expect that he’ll try some significant reforms to try to limit the costs to government, because frankly you have to. The government can’t afford – taxpayers can’t afford to keep moving in this direction. The benefits are just too large for us to pay out,” he said.
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According to the study, the average Illinois state government employee in the data sample receives an annual salary of $56,919. In addition, Illinois employees receive annual benefits, either received in that year or accrued toward retirement, worth $55,791. A comparable Illinois private sector employee receives a salary of $61,017 but annual benefits of only $19,725. Asked why private-sector workers aren’t given more, From said it’s because their employers can’t stay in business if they provide generous benefits. The full study is at