Race car drivers were in Springfield and Chicago last week giving teenagers real world experience in dangerous driving situations.   Austin Robison, a former race car driver, says this isn’t stuff that’s taught in Drivers’ Ed.   “The hands-on part, that’s the one thing you don’t get with drivers’ ed,” Robison says. “You don’t get this kind of hands-on skid control, basic lane change maneuvers and things like that.”


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He says students are developing muscle memory from the experiences and notices improvement at the end of the day. Alex Wommack, a senior from Astoria, says most teenagers could use such experience.   “I have no room to talk about it because I’ve had a few fender benders myself. I’ll admit that,” Wommack says. “I’ll attribute that to my experience and just the fact that I haven’t been on the road that long. I mean I’ve been on the road for two years.”   He says being allowed to purposely skid a 2013 Ford Mustang will be a memorable experience.


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