The federal appeals court in Chicago is denying the latest appeal from former Gov. George Ryan.  Ryan, 78, is serving a 6½-year sentence in federal prison for accepting vacations, gifts and cash for steering state business to insiders.  Law professor Richard Kling at Kent College of Law says it’s “highly likely” that Ryan’s attorneys will ask the U.S. Supreme Court to review the appeal court’s decision, but it’s unlikely the high court will look at the case.
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“I think the Supreme Court will probably reject it. In other words you have to request permission of the Supreme Court to hear it. It’s very rare grounds on which the Supreme Court takes cases and I think the Supreme Court will probably say that this is not one of those rare grounds,” Kling said.
Last year, the same appeals court rejected arguments that Ryan's 2006 convictions should be tossed because prosecutors never proved he took a bribe. But the U.S. Supreme Court took issue with how appellate judges reached their finding and ordered them to decide again.
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