The state treasurer isn’t giving up hope on federal help for those hit by tornadoes Feb. 29.   As folks in Harrisburg continue to clean up, word Sunday that the Federal Emergency Management Agency would not be disbursing money has caught many off guard. State Treasurer Dan Rutherford says he has seen this happen before.


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“I’ve been involved with, even my own hometown community of Pontiac, where there was devastating floods,” Rutherford said. “They weren’t like turned down…but it wasn’t going well and they had to go in and do a … re-evaluation. I would encourage that happen here so we make the right logical reasons.”   Rutherford says that a re-assessment of the damage must be done and forwarded to FEMA for a second look. Rutherford isn’t sure if a re-assessment in this case will change minds at FEMA, but he says it’s worth trying.


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