In Day 2 of his campaign for governor, Dan Rutherford says he’s disappointed in the General Assembly.   On the final day of the session on Friday, lawmakers passed a concealed carry bill, but did not act on gambling expansion, gay marriage or pension restructuring. Rutherford’s post-mortem:  “Everything else out there may well be important for other people and different groups and so forth. I understand. But until we fairly and substantively address that, we can’t go ahead and deal with the rest of our budget."
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"We’ve got problems with regards to the borrowing we’ve got. That’s the one thing, the biggest disappointment that I saw in the session of the General Assembly,” he said.  Rutherford says had he been governor already, he would have twisted arms harder.  The House and Senate each passed pension bills, but they are at odds with each other over whether they’re constitutional, or aggressive enough to make a dent in the problem.  Rutherford, currently the state treasurer, is the first to launch a campaign. He is expected to have opposition in the Republican primary. He’s flying to nine campaign stops Monday.
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