Jobs and higher education were the focus of a Republican presidential candidate's visit to Illinois.
U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) spoke in Chicago, promising to build what he calls an "innovation economy" by overhauling the country's higher education system, cutting corporate taxes, and limiting regulations on businesses.
He claims proposals favored by Democrats would end up doing more harm than good for the middle-class.

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"Hiking the minimum wage by a few dollars will not save the American dream, but it will accelerate automation and outsourcing," Rubio said. "Increasing taxes and regulations will not promote fairness or opportunity or help balance our budget, but it will snuff out innovation."
Rubio didn't mention his Republican rivals by name, but the name of the Democratic frontrunner did come up a few time in his remarks. He said the country wouldn't win a "race to the future" by "hopping on Hillary Clinton's time machine to the past."
Rubio's stop in Chicago preceded a campaign trip through Iowa, where the first vote of presidential primary season will take place in February.