Negotiations continue in the Roxana School District between the school board and teachers union over a new contract. Earlier this week, the Roxana School Board approved a 3 percent pay increase for administrators and a teachers union representative views this as a positive sign that the district will be able to afford similar increases for teachers.

The pay hike this week covers administrative staff, and is equal to a pay hike provided to bus drivers and other non-certified staff in the district. The teachers union has rejected two previous contract offers from the district, but Superintendent Deb Kreutztrager says it has offered teachers a 3-percent increase which the union rejected. Union president Cindy Welker says the most recent offer does not do enough to compensate members who have the most experience, and is not a true 3-percent across the board increase for all members. The union has asked to meet again with the district and a federal mediator, but no date has been set.