If you’ve ever been disappointed you can’t scoop that dead raccoon off the side of the road, the Illinois legislature has good news for you.  The raccoon would, of course, have to be in season and you’d have to have a valid hunting license and proper permits, but you can now pick up dead fur bearing mammals on Illinois roadways. The bill sponsor, State Rep. Norrine Hammond (R-Macomb) says the state doesn’t have the money to pick up all the dead animals – so why not let law abiding citizens do it?

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“The state, neither through the Department of Transportation or Natural Resources, neither one has the revenue to pick up these animals,” she says.  The governor vetoed the measure this summer, saying it was unsafe to stop along busy roads to make the pick-up. Hammond says that might be the case in Chicago, but not most rural areas.  “I didn’t see a lot of raccoons along Lake Shore Drive, however we do have a lot of that type of animal in rural areas,” says Hammond. “I have confidence in the citizens of the state of Illinois that they’re going to use common sense.”


(Illinois Radio Network)