The Community Center could become the site of a rooftop garden sooner than expected if they come away with enough "likes" by the end of the month. Throughout the month of June, Facebook users can vote for the projects they want to see Nature's Path Foods in partnership with Organic Gardening donate money to. If the Center is one of the top two vote recipients by June 30, they will be awarded $15,000.

The money would be used to purchase materials needed to transform the roof into a garden which would be used to educate kids at the center according to Director of Operations Michelle Pawloski.

Pawloski Comments

Pawloski als says that the Center has recruited Alton Main Street, The Nature Institute, ATCOM and the Sierra Club help with the development of the project which includes garden beds, a dance floor and dining area, observation decks and a gazebo.

You can cast your vote for the Community Center by clicking here.

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