It has been a week and a half, and there's still no sign of two men who fell into the Mississippi River near Hartford on April 6.  Several days of searching did not turn up the men, who went overboard when their boat capsized in rough waters blamed on windy conditions the day of the accident.  A 10 year old boy who was wearing a life jacket was rescued by a passing barge crew shortly after the incident.

Debris on the bottom of the river may have prevented sonar from picking up an image of the missing men.  Hartford Assistant Fire Chief Bill Owens says that spot of the river is treacherous.

Owens comments

He says experts have told him that while it is likely the bodies will eventually surface on their own, he realizes there are no guarantees.  Rescue teams have been assisted by Team Watters, which is a husband and wife team that specializes in rescue and recovery efforts of this kind.

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