Grafton Mayor Tom Thompson and Hartford Mayor James Spann have been attending the Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative meeting this week in Iowa, and some data the group calls surprising has been shared.  The economic impact of revenue generated and jobs created is much larger that originally thought, but there is another finding that has some in the group concerned.

That is of the potential impact of global climate change on other rivers around the river that are used to transport cargo in the global economy.  Colin Wellenkamp, the group’s Executive Director, tells The Big Z if other major rivers are negatively impacted, the Mississippi River could be forced to shoulder the burden.

Click here for Wellenkamp's comments

The Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative is an organization designed to represent all of the communities along the Mississippi. The initiative is a collective effort to evaluate the River as one long continuous waterway and work to balance the ecological needs of the River with the economic needs of the cities the River supports. 


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