A few days of heavy rain last week here and upstream pushed the Mississippi River into the major flooding category in Alton and Grafton this week.  The Mississippi, which was at near record low levels all winter, is cresting today at Alton, according to the National Weather Service.  Now the wait begins for the slow decline to return the river to its banks.  

It was a quick rise, but all city departments involved in this type of response - Public Works, Fire and Police - worked together as planned, according to Dan Herkert, Chief of Staff and City Council Liason for Alton.

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The record from 1993 is 42.7 feet, so this event is at least 8 feet below what was seen 20 years ago.  Water lapping at Sugar Alley just off Broadway, and seeping into the intersection of Piasa and Broadway, but it remains open this morning.  Broadway remains closed as does The Great River Road to Grafton.  Riverfront Park is also closed and the Argosy Casino is closed for the week.

(Top photo of the intersection of Landmarks Blvd near Broadway in Alton on Monday June 3, 2013 - Doug Jenkins)

(Bottom photo - West Broadway near CVB office - Buzz Ulrich)

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