Potentially life-saving drugs which are still in the testing phase will now be made available to certain patients in Illinois.
Under newly signed legislation, patients who have been given two years or less to live can get medicine which has been only been through one round of federal testing. Once a drug has been determined to be safe, State Sen. Michael Connelly (R-Lisle), sponsor of the legislation, doesn't see why patients should have to wait years they may not have for further testing to be completed.

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"We don't have to be in a formal clinical trial, we don't have to wait...until it's gotten final approval from the FDA," Connelly said. "So really, it cuts the red tape to its core."
Connelly says once the drugs have been shown to be safe, the potential benefits outweigh the risks for terminally ill patients.

Illinois is the 23rd state to enact "right to try" legislation.
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