Lawmakers are estimating the state will bring in less money next fiscal year than what the governor estimates.  The House Revenue and Finance Committee estimates the state will make $33.7 billion.   House Minority Leader Tom Cross (R-Oswego) says lawmakers are being conservative.

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“It will be the responsibility of [the House] that we spend even less than what we did last year,” Cross says. “It isn’t going to be easy.”   State Rep. John Bradley (D-Marion, pictured), the committee chairman, says paying the state’s old bills will take priority before all other spending. “If you take money off the top you’re going to reduce the money for whatever you do for operations, for pensions, for Medicaid, and it creates additional issues.”


Bradley says the House relied on false estimates from the Commission on Government Forecasting Accountability last year when its original, and more conservative, estimates were more accurate.   “This is a day of reckoning,” Cross says. “We have no choice.”


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