Members of a joint legislative panel questioned the state’s Department of Central Management Services about what health insurance will be like under the new labor contract with AFSCME.   An example of the exchange showed the amount of specifics available.
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State Sen. Dave Syverson (R-Rockford): “How do we generate that $115-115 million or whatever that savings is going to be?”
CMS deputy director of benefits Janice Bonneville: “The Medicare Advantage program will be a fully insured product on both sides, so we’ll have some adjustment in terms of risk. Obviously, there are arguments to be made whether that is to our benefit or to our detriment.”
Under further questioning, CMS, through another benefits specialist, Marcia Armstrong, said the state is up to a year behind on paying its claims: $1.6 billion worth.  Almost 82,000 retirees are eligible for insurance under the agreement.
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