The Pew Center on the States says lawmakers should do more research before they put the ax to the state’s budget.   Gary Van Landingham, director of the center’s Results First Project, says Illinois should consider a cost-vs.-benefit analysis when crafting future budgets.


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“So when you’re trying to make the decision of how do we cut the budget, legislatures typically cut across the board,” Van Landingham says. “If we don’t know if those programs are affected and we don’t know what those programs are, typically all we can do is cut across the board.”   He says it’s too late to try it this year but State Rep. Lisa Dugan (D-Bradley) says the state should have been using this model years ago.   “That’s what we need to look at in the state, is the money that we do have, the precious dollars we do have, let’s invest them in something we know have the best outcome to turn this thing around,” Dugan says.


The Pew Center says Washington is successfully using a similar model.


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