Alton residents who are behind in paying their sewer and trash bills will soon begin seeing shut off warnings in the mail.  The notices began going out last week in an attempt by the city to collect more than $295-thousand in overdue utility payments.  If the customer does not pay within the alloted time, their water service  will be shut off, which could lead to them being forced to move out of their homes.

The first letters were mailed out last week to more than two dozen customers who are more than 120 days past due.  An agreement with Illinois American Water Company and the city allows for the disconnection of water service for customers who do not pay their bills.  More letters will be going out in the weeks ahead for those who are more than 60 or 90 days overdue in paying their bill.  If the water service is shut off for an occupied structure, the owner has five days to have water restored or the building must be vaccted.  A bill must then be paid in full, including any penalties, before the service can be restored.  Those who receive the notices have 15 days from the date of the letter to respond to the city.


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