While the business climate in Wood River has been good enough in the last several years to attract a number of new retailers, car dealers and big box stores, population growth has not kept pace according to the city’s Mayor.  Fred Ufert tells The Big Z he would like to see more people calling Wood River home in the New Year, but realizes there are some underlying challenges to address if that is to happen.

He says the city’s population is down to 10,600.

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He says there is a plan to contact FEMA about removing a couple of subdivisions from the flood plain.  Residents in the Eastwood and Lincoln Subdivision are grandfathered in with their current flood insurance rates, but Ufert says anyone considering buying a home in those areas find purchasing new flood insurance to be cost prohibitive.  At the conclusion of the project, if approved, those homeowners would no longer have to pay exorbitant flood insurance rates.


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