A political action committee and Illinois Republicans are making a pledge to taxpayers ahead of the November elections.  For The Good of Illinois Chairman Adam Andrzejewski (pictured) and Illinois House Minority Leader Tom Cross (R-Oswego) are making three pledges:
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-- Immediately freeze all local property tax levies for three years and in the fourth year implement an inflation-plus-population growth cap.
-- Enact audits to discover wasteful spending.
-- Repeal the 2 percentage point state income tax increase passed last year. It is due to expire at the end of 2014 but they are promising a sooner repeal.
“Every Illinois taxpayer fundamentally understands that they’re getting ripped off by government spending,” Andrzejewski says with regards to audits to seek out and eliminate wasteful spending.
Cross says it’s important for Illinois to be competitive. “It has been a complete burden, an overwhelming burden on both businesses … and individuals, and to repeal it is the only way we’re going to jump start this economy and get Illinois back in line with the Missouris, the Indianas, the Wisconsins, the Michigans so we can compete with the other Midwestern states and even the states south of us that have a better approach to doing business,” Cross said.
Republicans are hoping to gain the majority in the House in November.
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