The state’s Republican chairman says it’s time for the attorney general to start investigating corruption in Springfield.  Illinois Republican Chairman Pat Brady says when Attorney General Lisa Madigan (pictured) first ran for office, she said she was going to be independent from her father. Brady says that hasn’t happened.


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“What you’ve seen in the last six or eight months, well chronicled instances of fraud and public corruption, some involving her father some involving others, and she hasn’t lifted a finger to investigate them,” Brady said. In particular, the House passed a bill that would allow two Illinois Federation of Teachers lobbyists the right to continue collecting a teacher’s pension even though both spent only a day in the classroom. One of the top lawyers for House Speaker Mike Madigan’s (D-Chicago) argued in favor of the bill.  But Lisa Madigan says she has investigated political corruption and points to convicted ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich. “I was the first person to start investigating Rod Blagojevich,” Madigan said. “I didn’t endorse Rod Blagojevich in 2006.” She went on to add that there is much to do to clean up after Blagojevich and imprisoned ex-Gov. George Ryan.  Still, Brady says with the Mike Madigan leading the House and cutting deals for “political pals and lobbyists,” and Lisa Madigan in her role, the state essentially doesn’t have an attorney general. “She has to explain to the people why she hasn’t done anything,” Brady said.


(Illinois Radio Network)