On a campaign swing, Doug Truax says he's finding a friendly reception.  Truax, who lives in Downers Grove and whose employee benefit consulting business is based in Oak Brook, is a Republican running for the U.S. Senate seat held by three-term incumbent Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.)  Truax has plenty of experience, he says, observing the effects of the Affordable Care Act.
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“Millions and millions of employees get dropped under the exchanges and they're not going to qualify for subsidies, and there are all these things that are going to happen,” Truax says. “They had a great opportunity to do something, but it was a truly partisan basis, and Durbin was leading that charge, and it's a shame to watch it all happen.”  Truax says the result has been “50 insurance kingdoms,” one for each state.
Addressing the possibility of an increased minimum wage, Truax says it's not only bad for business, it's bad for society. “Every study out there that I've seen (indicates) raising the minimum wage just increases unemployment,” he says. “If you've got, in inner-city Chicago or wherever, a business owner who was going to put out a Help Wanted sign but now has to pay more in minimum wage, he takes the sign down. The kid walks by the business, goes around the corner, and joins a gang.”
As for making his first political race a statewide effort for a seat held by a veteran lawmaker, Truax says you're only a non-politician once.
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