The race for the Republican nomination for president remains alive after Super Tuesday, as the Illinois primary draws near.   Republican leaders in Illinois have been hoping the state would matter, even if it means the eventual nominee has to spend money and take a bruising for a longer time, says Illinois Republican Chairman Pat Brady.


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“It’s part of the process, and four years ago, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were gouging each other’s eyes out at this point, so it’s part of the process and … I think anybody that’s gonna come out and vote for any of our candidates is not going to vote for Barack Obama in November, so for us, it’s all positive,” he said.   Brady says assuming all the candidates remain in the race, the Illinois primary will be contested with candidates campaigning here, and super PACs spending millions on paid advertising.   Illinois is the only primary on March 20. Between now and then, there are five states and three territories with primaries or caucuses. The Illinois primary for down-ballot offices is also March 20.


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