Illinois Republican leaders are not pleased with political mailers depicting Republican candidates for the Illinois House as having a say on federal policies. House Minority Leader Tom Cross (R-Oswego) is taking aim at House Speaker Mike Madigan (D-Chicago) and the Democratic Party of Illinois, saying that a mailing blitz is distorting the truth about Republican candidates. Cross says the focus should be on the issues.
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“If all the game is about to him is to win all the time, good job Mike, but tell that to the school district that’s losing money because of the cost shift or the person that doesn’t have a job or whatever problem you might have, the pension system that’s about to fail,” Cross said.  Republicans do it too, and Cross acknowledges that, but he says implying that state lawmakers can change laws and policies at the federal level is going too far.
“We normally expect a bit of nibbling around the edges or there’s going to be a little fudging of the facts but to say a state representative in Illinois is going to take away Medicare is just an outright bald-faced lie,” Cross said.  The mailers about which Cross is complaining are being sent in races in which Cross has invested little money.
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