Rodney Davis (R-Taylorville)A couple of first-term Illinois congressmen say they have not made up their minds about whether to support President Obama’s desire to get involved in Syria.
“There’s universal agreement that there will be no boots on the ground,” says U.S. Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-East Moline). But, she adds, “I don't know enough about how these missiles work. I’m told they’re very precise; what we aim at, they hit, but I have some questions about that.” Bustos also wonders what sort of retaliation would come down upon the U.S.
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“Most of my constituents, with virtual unanimity, say we don’t need to go into Syria,” says U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis (R-Taylorville). “There’s a lot of war weariness right now, even here in the Midwest.”
Davis says Obama, whom he calls “a complete and utter failure” on foreign policy, has not convinced him attacking Syria is in the interest of the U. S.
Members of Congress are back in Washington for more briefings Monday.
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