The Illinois State Fire Marshal’s Office issued a report on the investigation of a fatal fire in Brighton on Thanksgiving Day.  The report says huffing gasoline lead to an accidental fire that claimed the life of 19-year-old Cory Moore, and severely burned his 17-year-old brother Tanner Moore.  

Investigators say the victims were watching television in the basement of a home in the 500 block of Marion Street when Cory went outside and returned with a red plastic gas can.  The report says Cory put his mouth over the opening and began inhaling the gas and started pouring some of the gasoline on himself.  A witness says there was a sudden flash and boom and Cory was covered in flames.  Tanner Moore tried to put out the flames but was overcome by smoke and heat from the fire and was able to escape upstairs.  The report says investigators also found drug paraphernalia in the basement including a bong and glass pipes.  Authorities were unsure of the exact ignition source for the fire, but believe it could have been a gas-fired boiler, hot water heater or a light fixture.    


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