The Bethalto School District will be reaching out to parents who have students in grades ranging from Kindergarten through 5th later this year to explain the new report cards their students will be receiving this year.

School Board members unanimously voted to approve changing the scale from one that is letter-based to one that rates students aptitude based on a number during last night’s school board meeting. Now students will either receive a 1, 2, or 3 under various categories in each subject covered in the curriculum. District officials say the changes will provide a better way to identify where a student is succeeding and where they may need  a little more help within a given subject.

Under the new system, a 3 indicates that a student is on track to meet requirements for that grade level, a 2 means that the student may need some extra time working on that concept or theory and a 1 indicates that further intervention may be necessary.

In other business, board members voted to approve a resolution that allows the Bethalto Police Department to access to security camera feeds in emergency situations; voted to approve a sale of surplus equipment and supplies and the board voted create a budget for the next fiscal year.  Board members went into closed session at 8pm and the meeting was still in closed session at 10:45pm Monday.

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