The Alton High School Principal is reminding students and anyone else who travelsHumbert Roadin front ofAltonHigh Schoolto be careful as school gets ready to start.  Following several accidents in the area to start the 2010-2011 school year- including the fatal crash that claimed the life of a 17-year-old student, administrators instituted a traffic safety plan for students. 

The plan involves students who drive to school taking a pledge to wear seatbelts at all times, to not use their cell phones or text while driving, to stay within the speed limits, and to not make u-turns in the parking lots of nearby businesses.  Alton High School Principal Barb Gillian says the Madison County Sheriff's Department will also be more visible as the school year begins.

Gillian comments

She reminds not all of the responsibility to keep the roads and parking lot safe is placed on the students.  As for parking restrictions, there are only a certain amount of spaces on campus, but reminds students that theVillageofGodfreyhas passed an ordinance prohibiting parking in the nearby Rock Gate Subdivision during school hours.