Reforms to Medicaid and the state pension system would ensure the continuation of the state’s capital plan, according to Gov. Pat Quinn.   The governor says reforming pensions for state employees would save taxpayers $85 billion, and Medicaid restructuring would create $2.7 billion in savings. Some of the savings could be directed to the state’s capital plan, says Illinois Department of Transportation Secretary Ann Schneider.


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“It is important that we continue to remind General Assembly members that failure to act to stabilize pensions and Medicaid will prevent additional investments, costing the state sorely needed jobs,” Schneider said. She says when it comes to pension reform, savings at IDOT alone could put people to work. “For every one percent decrease in the required employer contribution for pensions at IDOT, over $27 million can be added to our program, and that equates to 353 jobs created or retained,” Schneider said.   alk of Medicaid and pension reforms came as Quinn and Schneider announced near-completion of a major road and bridge project in Chicago. Quinn says lawmakers in Springfield are aware that he wants reforms made before they adjourn at the end of the month.   “I think we’re getting quite close to the introduction of the bills and the voting on the bills,” Quinn said. “I want legislators of both parties to know that this is something for the good of Illinois.”


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