Illinois voters may have a chance to weigh in on more than just their favorite candidates come fall.  Non-binding questions on issues such as taxes and birth control are making their way toward the ballot.  State Sen. Iris Martinez (D-Chicago) says while health insurance companies that cover prescription drugs must already cover birth control, it’s important the state has an idea of what voters think about it.  “I think this is a basic women’s health care issue, that we need to make sure that we show support, if there is a repealing or any kind of attack,” said Martinez.
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The question would ask if insurance companies should be required to continue coverage.  Another question on the ballot would ask if millionaires should pay a higher income tax.  Republicans say the push for these referendums and several others is a scheme to drive Democratic voter turnout.  “It’s so transparent that it should be insulting to anybody who spends 30 seconds really thinking about what this really is,” said State Sen. Matt Murphy (R-Palatine).  Meanwhile, Republican governor candidate Bruce Rauner initiated a petition drive to get term limits for state lawmakers on the ballot.
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