Alton's desire to re-develop the Wadlow Golf Course on the Homer Adams Parkway has been questioned by a local environmental organization, but it appears both sides are developing a good working relationship. In December, the Sierra Club stated there were other sites around town that could have been looked at as alternatives that would not take green-space out of the community.

Christine Favilla now says after further study, she is of the opinion the Wadlow site makes the most sense. As for environmental impacts, she says the city is working to address their concerns.

Favilla comments

Phil Roggio, Alton's Director of Development and Housing, says the city was made aware of the environmentalists concerns shortly after the e-mail from the Sierra Club was sent out.

Roggio comments

A major goal of the project is to develop the golf course in an environmentally sensitive nature, that includes a creek restoration project that is now underway. Favilla says there is a restoration plan to address future storm water runoff issues, with a plan to prepare for a shopping-mall sized parking lot and the runoff that would create.

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