The American Red Cross says it’s making it easier for people to donate blood, by giving you the chance to do some of the prep work ahead of time.

The Red Cross has created a system called “RapidPass” — where spokesman Ben Corey says you can fill out questions on your health history the day of your appointment, from the comfort of your home.

“Donors who successfully complete the questionnaire will print out the RapidPass form on a laser printer, or they can e-mail the PDF to themselves to show it on their mobile device when they come to donate,” says Corey.  “When they’re at the blood drive with their RapidPass, staff then scans the form, review the donor’s answers, and complete all other aspects of health history exam.”

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Corey says it can save you plenty of time when you actually go to donate.

“It may reduce the time donors spend at blood drives by up to 15 minutes,” says Corey.  “A reduction in overall processing time and wait time will certainly increase the satisfaction of our donors and hopefully result in more repeat donations, because it further simplifies the process.”

Corey says you can’t use “RapidPass” any earlier than the day of your appointment.

You can find "RapidPass" online at


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