If you want to know something these days, the app is where it's at.  The American Red Cross is rolling out its Flood App, which boasts preparation instructions, watches, warnings, and follow-ups. Erin Miller, a Peoria-based spokeswoman for the Red Cross, says the smartphone should be seen as a lifesaver.
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“It's kind of sad, I guess, in some respects,” says Miller, that people sometimes urge one another to go off the grid occasionally. “So many of us are geared to not do that – that's just our outlet to the world in a lot of ways. To be able to have that preparedness information at your fingertips – you don't know if you're going to need it, but if you do, you have it.”
Miller says the organization's Tornado App was her first notification of last year’s Nov. 17 outbreak.
The app is available through the Red Cross web site as well as through iTunes and Google Play app stores.
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