Corn farmers have set a record for putting their crops in the ground, but some of the corn has been damaged due to a cold snap.   USDA crop statistician Brad Schwab says 59 percent of the state’s corn crop has been planted, the most ever by this time of the year. Last year only 11 percent of the crop had been planted by this date, and on average 17 percent of the crop is usually in.


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Schwab says it’s not unusual to start early when it’s unseasonably warm for so long. “They just couldn’t stay put when we had record temperatures in March to not get started,” he says. “You know, April 6 was the deadline, or date they were supposed to wait until so they could get covered for re-plant insurance.”   Schwab says 21 percent of the corn crop has so far emerged, but couldn’t say specifically how much has been damaged by cold. Farmers have planted 5 percent of the soybean crop, with 2 percent so far emerged.


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