Are you thinking about getting a puppy for Christmas?  You might want to think again, according to a representative with the Better Business Bureau.  In addition to the challenges that are normally faced when bringing a new animal into the home, the added stress of the holidays can make for an intense situation for both you and the animal.  And there are other concerns to think about as well, according to BBB Investigator Bill Smith.

One can be health or behavioral issues if the dog was raised in a so-called puppy-mill.  If you are set on having a puppy present, Smith offers some twists in the idea.

Smith comments

Smith says don't be fooled by a well-designed website.  Unscrupulous scammers will often create a professional-looking but fraudulent website designed to lure the potential buyer in with cute puppy pictures.  And if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Beware of scammers who offer to "re-home" their purebred puppy in exchange for transportation or vaccination fees. Scammers will continually ask for more money for unexpected - and fraudulent – costs, and you may never receive the puppy.

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