The Illinois State Police conducted an ACE, or Alcohol Countermeasure Enforcement surveillance detail at Riverbend stores last week, and made several citations and a few arrests.  The purpose is to determine which businesses may be selling booze to those under 21.  Twenty locations were surveyed in Alton, East Alton, Wood River, Cottage Hills, Bethalto, and Godfrey last Wednesday.

Of those businesses, the Illinois State Police says Fast Track  Liquor on East St. Louis Avenue in East Alton, ZX Express on North Wood River Drive in Wood River, and the Walgreens stores in Bethalto and on State  Street in Alton sold liquor to a minor.  Store employees Rebekah Davis, Beth Holcomb, Kelsey Faulkner, and Margaret Klunk were arrested for Unlawful Delivery of Alcoholic Liquor to a Minor, a Class A misdemeanor.  All were released on a notice to appear in court.